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Confidentiality and Privacy Policy


Confidentiality & Privacy Policy

State law protects the confidential relationship and all communication between a client and therapist (counselor, psychologist, or marriage and family therapist) is considered "privileged". As such, no information, including participation in therapy, will be disclosed to any third party without the written permission of all adults participating in therapy.


There are rare exceptions to confidentiality and this legally-protected privilege that include:  

  • Suspected child abuse, dependent adult abuse, or elder abuse - as mandated by State law.
  • To protect human life - such as if a client is presenting a clear, immediate, and credible threat of life-endangering behavior toward a specific person or persons.
  • To protect a client from a "clear and immediate" life-threatening situation - such as suicidal intent, or seriously diminished capacity to function.  
  • As mandated by State or Federal court order.

However, even in cases mandated by law which may require disclosure of limited client information to a third-party - our efforts will always focus on protecting client privacy and confidentiality to the fullest extent possible.  As practicable, clients will be consulted prior to any such third-party contact.


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