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Marriage Counseling and Couple Therapy

Individual Therapy

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Individual or Couple Therapy?

While many people recognize serious problems in their relationship or marriage, it is common to think "We have individual personal issues that should be addressed first, before we focus on our relationship".  This line of thinking is incorrect.  "Personal" and "relationship" issues are inextricably interconnected - and there is no meaningful or practical way to effectively separate such issues.  Clinical outcome research indicates that when a primary concern involves marriage problems or a relationship concern, exclusive individual therapy my inadvertently result in the client feeling better about themselves, but less positive about the relationship.  As such, "best clinical practices" indicates that individual therapy should always include some level of involvement of one's significant partner.  

In some situations, substance abuse or a co-occurring mental disorder may significantly contribute to marital and relationship conflict and distress.  Such factors will be considered and addressed during the initial sessions of therapy and an appropriate clinical diagnosis (if warranted) and recommended treatment will be provided. As indicated, we will recommend or enlist other professional resources.  An appropriate intervention strategy may include some combination of individual therapy, couple or family counseling, group therapy, partial out-patient, or in-patient treatment as needed.

We believe in helping individuals and couples bringing about needed change through the least invasive means possible. For the majority of couples, dealing with marital concerns or relationship dissatisfaction, out-patient couple therapy is all that is needed.

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